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Everyday our fleet of barges is taking care of the transport of liquid goods in a responsible way. Not only do we take care of your cargo in a responsible way, but also when it comes to our ecological footprint we sail responsibly. Three quarters of our fleet is equipped with advanced wave generators. These generators provide the necessary power needs during the voyage for the devices on board. This results in a significant reduction in gas oil consumption and lower maintenance costs for the generators installed on board, contributing to our efforts for more sustainable transport. In addition, half of our fleet has a battery pack, which means that a generator set does not need to be running to provide power while the vehicle is stationary.

With this, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint. In addition, NECO's entire fleet has received a Green Award. A beautiful confirmation of our commitment that underlines our commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Our expertise involves the chartering and transportation of a wide range of fuels, mineral oil products, and their individual components across European inland waterways. 

Discover more about the inland barges that, together with our dedicated crew, make it possible to take care of your goods in a responsible way.



Dimensions: 110x10,5x3,2m

Tonnage: 2484

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