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Our main goal is to deliver your liquid cargo to its final destination in the most responsible manner possible in accordance to strict safety and environmental standards. At NECO, we specialize in the transportation of both mineral oils and fuels. Our inland barges are staffed with a dedicated and trained crew which ensures the safe shipment of mineral oils and fuels to and from processing facilities, interim storage, and final destinations, 

prioritizing both customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. We take care of liquid goods for both multinationals as well as chartering companies. Curious what cargo we transport for our customers? Discover more about the liquid goods we ship below.

 Mineral oils

NECO transports non-hazardous mineral oils that are used for creating biofuels like soybean, rapeseed, tallow methyl ester and used cooking oil. 

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NECO transports both fuels and components being used to produce fuels. We are specialized in transporting these hazardous fluids in the most responsible way.

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